Restaurant POS Application

Restaurant POS Application

Restaurant POS Application & Billing System

The POS Application for Restaurant Billing System is designed to streamline the process of taking orders, managing kitchen operations, processing payments, and generating reports. It supports both desktop and mobile devices, making it flexible and accessible for various restaurant environments.

Order Management

  • Efficient order taking with item add-to-cart functionality.
  • Confirm orders and send them directly to the kitchen.
  • Update existing orders with ease.
  • Send order cancellation requests for managerial approval.

Payment Processing

  • Generate bills with options for cash, card, and mobile banking payments.
  • Support for split payments, allowing combined cash and online payments.
  • Apply discounts, service charges, and VAT.


  • Create and manage employee accounts.
  • Assign specific tables and floors to servers.
  • Configure restaurant tables, menu items, and categories.
  • Open and close business days, ensuring all orders are tracked.


  • Generate daily and monthly sales reports.
  • Custom report generation based on specific criteria.


  • Automated daily sales data backup to a secure cloud server.
  • Manual backup option available.

Cross-Platform Support:

  • Designed for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Compatible with major operating systems like Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

User Roles and Permissions

  • Admin: Manage users, configure settings, and generate reports.
  • Manager: Approve cancellations, generate bills, and apply financial adjustments.
  • Server: Take and update orders, and send cancellation requests.

User Interface

Our application boasts an intuitive user interface:

  • Main Dashboard: Quick access to active orders and sales overview.
  • Order Screen: Easy order management for servers.
  • Billing Screen: Comprehensive billing and payment processing for managers.
  • Admin Panel: Detailed tools for configuration and reporting.

Workflow Overview

  • Order Taking: Servers log in, select tables, add items to the cart, and confirm orders.
  • Order Update: Servers can modify existing orders and reconfirm them.
  • Order Cancellation: Servers send cancellation requests, and managers approve them.
  • Billing: Managers generate bills and process payments, including split payments.
  • Discounts and Charges: Managers can apply discounts, service charges, and VAT before finalizing bills.

For further details, user guides, or support, please reach out to our support team or Click on the Request for a Demo button.