CRM Dealer & Painter Mobile App

CRM Dealer & Painter Mobile App

CRM Mobile Application for Dealer & Painter

This App generally use by Paints Company’ Dealers for their registered painters. This will benefit all their Dealers/Distributors and Painters to claim points based product lifting and usages. Here Dealer can redeem all scratch card amount given by painter and can add points to painter account based on the usages of Painters.

Dealer also can see their stocks and how much each painter have taken products from this app. Painter can see their membership status and how much points has been added to their account as well.

For Token SMS System:

  • Update product
  • Dealer registration
  • Registration (Dealer & Painter) Approval by Marketing Department
  • Barcode Generate using product code, ID & date
  • Unique Barcode Generate by md5/hash security system
  • SMS & Barcode validation
  • SMS confirmation after disburse money
  • Point segregate for SMS and QR code scan
  • Dealer’s product will be add after product delivery
  • Allocate points/incentive to dealer & painters
  • Can apply limited time offer for special dealer scheme
  • Download painters points information
  • Bkash / Nagad API integration
  • Update disbursed point table
  • 2 Way SMS system
  • Both of SMS & barcode scan system for validate
  • Update Point balance.
  • Money disburse to both of dealer & painter as per company’s instruction percentage
  • Dealer incentive system against painter every token point disburse
  • Invoice download
  • Painter point information
  • Monthly Report Download
  • Point information list & more

For Point base Scheme:

  • Secure Dealer Registration with OTP
  • Check dealer registered SIM connected in mobile for app login
  • Token scan
  • Painter registration with NID
  • Point information
  • Disburse products to painter account
  • Disburse product point to painter account
  • Invoice upload
  • Product update information
  • Painter list & their points information
  • Notification system if management send any message to particular user/dealer
  • Backend web panel

Who should use this Applications?

This mobile application is designed to cater to the specific needs of Paint Manufacturer Company Dealers, Painters, and Distributors. It serves as a valuable tool for:

Dealers/Distributors: Dealers and Distributors of the Paint Manufacturer Company can use this app to efficiently manage their operations. They can redeem scratch card amounts provided by painters, monitor their stock levels, and track product distribution to individual painters.

Painters: Registered painters associated with the company benefit from this app by gaining a convenient platform to access their membership status and view the points credited to their account. They can also easily claim points based on product usage.

In summary, this application is essential for Dealers/Distributors to streamline their dealings with painters and for painters to monitor their membership status and earn rewards based on product usage. It bridges the gap between the manufacturer and its partners, enhancing efficiency and transparency in the paint supply chain.