E-Catalog Mobile Application

E-Catalog Mobile Application

E-Catalog Mobile Application for Displaying Products

E-Catalog is an application (Android & iOS) to display products like tiles and ceramics by which manufacturers can quickly & easily engage their clients. Users can view and choose from the tiles and sanitary products without having to go to any display shops or showrooms. This saves them both time & effort and all the while, manufactures benefit from the showcase of their products.

Featuring beautiful yet minimalistic UI & easy to use interface, the application is fully user friendly. With the help of navigation menu and shortcut icons, user can quickly navigate to their desired page or products. Below is the list of features the app provides:

Key Features:

  • Dashboard
  • Option for User Registration by SIM and User Information
  • Showing Product list with Picture with room visualization picture (Individual/Group).
  • Update Product Catalog with Picture (with Décor & Border and Color options in Sanitary).
  • Price List of Product.
  • Customer /Business Partner List with Contact ( with Google MAP options)
  • Display Center list with contact ( with Google MAP options)
  • Popup News & Events option for communication with dealers/partners.
  • Have option to create Sales Order and send it to designated sales person mail or in apps module to view or download it in excel/pdf format.
  • Sales Person can update the status of sales order so that customer can get information of this order.
  • After Invoicing from SAP, Sales Person can send the invoice (pdf) format to customer for faster communications.
  • Customer Complain Record.
  • Feedback & contact options.
  • Simplicity for the end users.
  • Support for all Android versions.
  • High Performance.
  • Security.
  • Offline work.
  • Regular Update.
  • User can search in advance level (i.e. any keyword, Brand, Model, Size, color, subgroup etc.)
  • Analysis report can generate for company side (i.e. Apps are using or not etc.)

How they can Benefit Using this Applications?

Improved Product Visibility: The app provides a platform for showcasing their products to a wider audience, including dealers, distributors, and the general public. This increased visibility can lead to more sales opportunities.

Efficient Catalog Access: Dealers and distributors can easily access the company’s product catalog, browse through it, and even download it for offline use. This ensures that product information is readily available to the sales team.

Personalized User Experience: Users can filter products by size, model, category, series, and dimensions, allowing them to find exactly what they are looking for quickly. This enhances the user experience and increases the likelihood of finding products of interest.

Social Media Sharing: Users can share specific items on social media, effectively turning customers into brand advocates. This can help in spreading awareness about the company’s products and driving organic traffic to the app.

Customer Engagement: The app’s features, such as adding items to favorites, room visualizer, and news/events, encourage user engagement and interaction. Engaged customers are more likely to make repeat purchases.

Dealer and Distributor Support: Authorized users can access daily stock updates, pricing information, and invoice panels. This streamlines communication between the company and its partners, improving efficiency in the supply chain.

Location-Based Services: The app offers a dealer directory with Google Maps navigation and showroom information. This helps customers and partners locate dealers and showrooms easily, enhancing the offline shopping experience.

Photo Gallery: The photo gallery can showcase real-world installations of the company’s products, allowing potential customers to see how the products look in various settings, which can boost confidence in their purchases.

Promotional Notifications: The ability to send promotional notifications keeps users informed about special offers, discounts, and new product launches, increasing the likelihood of sales during promotions.

Customer Support: The customer help center within the app provides a convenient channel for users to seek assistance and resolve issues, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Item Synchronization: Regularly updating product information and prices ensures that users have access to the latest offerings, helping the company stay competitive in the market.

Company Executive Directory: Having contact information for company executives readily available can facilitate communication and strengthen relationships with dealers, distributors, and customers.

Who should use this Applications?

This application is ideal for a variety of users and companies within the tiles and sanitary manufacturing industry. Here are some potential user groups and companies that can benefit from using this app:

Tiles and Sanitary Manufacturing Companies: The primary users of this app are manufacturers in the tiles and sanitary ware industry. They can use it to showcase their products, communicate with dealers and distributors, and streamline their operations.

Dealers and Distributors: Dealers and distributors of tiles and sanitary ware can use the app to access product catalogs, check daily stock updates, view pricing information, and place orders efficiently. It helps them stay informed and connected with the manufacturer.

Architects and Interior Designers: Professionals in the field of architecture and interior design can use the app’s room visualizer to help clients visualize how different tiles and sanitary products will look in their projects. This aids in product selection and design planning.

General Public: The app is also designed for the general public who may be interested in browsing and purchasing tiles and sanitary products for their homes or projects. It provides a user-friendly interface for product discovery.

Showrooms and Retailers: Showroom owners and retailers can benefit from this app by accessing product information, including pricing and availability. It can help them manage their inventory and assist customers effectively.

Contractors and Builders: Professionals in the construction industry, such as contractors and builders, can use the app to source and specify tiles and sanitary products for their projects. The app’s features aid in product selection and procurement.

Customer Service Teams: The customer help center information within the app is valuable for customer service teams within the manufacturing company. It allows them to assist customers and partners promptly.

Marketing and Sales Teams: Marketing and sales teams can leverage the app to promote new products, send promotional notifications, and engage with customers and partners. It supports marketing and sales efforts.

Company Executives and Management: The executive directory feature is useful for company leaders who may need to be contacted by partners or customers. It facilitates communication between top management and stakeholders.

In summary, this application caters to a wide range of users within the tiles and sanitary ware industry, including manufacturers, distributors, professionals in design and construction, showroom owners, and the general public. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for enhancing communication, marketing, sales, and customer engagement in the industry.